Epidemics and Vaccines or is it something else?

We have been faced with this Covid19 epidemic since January of 2020. It is not a natural phenomena. The virus was created in a Chinese lab and intentionally released into the public. This much is not deniable or debatable.

What is deniable or at least debatable is the actual severity of the virus when it infects a host. Covid19 is a variation of a flu/cold virus. It is not nearly as virulent as the Spanish Flu of 1918. The numbers of Covid19 are a quarter of those from 1918.

First fact is flu viruses kill some people. Those who are ill in general with old age issues or some other health problems often are overcome by a virulent flu that in essence overwhelms their immune systems. As much as we would like the flu to not kill people it is inevitable that every year or at least every time a substantial flu virus comes around, people die. This is historically a constant and has been for a very long time.

Covid19 is, as a percentage of those affected, not a whole lot more deadly than our usual seasonal flu. The real unbiased percentages of deaths due to covid are not really any higher than they are for our typical annual flu season. There are many who will argue differently but to be honest if you review the death statistics that have been re-assessed to reflect only those who died directly of Covid therefore leaving out those who were already on Hospice care; those who already had terminal cancer or other medical conditions and diagnoses; you find that the actual death rate due to covid is about the same as we normally experience every winter season.

So, what is the reasoning behind the government promoting the hysteria instead of trying to get the situation under control? Why would anyone promote hysteria in a population? Why the mask orders when it is proven they are useless? Further, Why would the government mandate a vaccine that is unproven, untested, which does have potentially life altering and lethal side effects?

First rule: Follow the money!!!!

Big Pharma is making billions in profits from government funding as they dole out their concoctions that they themselves are not held liable for if any bad things happen. Our political class is heavily invested as shareholders in Big Pharma and therefore making a mint from the ongoing pandemic and the booster jabs just keep the money piling in. I am sure that many of our supposed elite scientists and doctors who are all advocating the jab are also well invested in Big Pharma as well. The problem with politics is that it is a game of money and control and covid has given the generally most corrupt class of citizens in any society: POLITICIANS; both of these in abundance.

Second Rule: Who is getting more political power and control?

The government entities world wide are all enacting strict controls and mandates in order to ‘fight’ this epidemic and keep the citizens ‘safe’. This includes entire nations such as Australia as well as the US and also to smaller political entities such as states and even cities who have all instituted various requirements and also the existence of ‘Covid Passes’. They have never had such a high degree of control of the world population and I imagine this is truly intoxicating to those who have globalist intentions of controls and social engineering.

Worst yet, there are always tyrants who lurk behind the scenes waiting for events such as a world wide pandemic to launch their conquest plans to take over and subvert normal governments and replace them with authoritarian rule. Covid is a perfect excuse to implement many of the goals of such sociopaths.

We will be hard pressed to stop this tyranny as long as we are willing to submit in any way to their rules and requirements. This Covid19 epidemic is the perfect storm that many globalists have been waiting for the start their final conquests of free nation so on the earth. Events such as this play to the worst in people who are willing to do anything to be more wealthy and powerful. We will hear excuses that sound virtuous but in the end the price is always a loss of freedom and liberty for a presumed safety and health but sadly that is an illusion.

Had we as a people been willing to simply hunker down on our own and let this epidemic run its course as we usually did in the past we would be well past this ongoing crisis and on to the next ‘problem du jour’ as a nation. Sadly, the meek minded in our society have caved to the pressures of the social architects (my best descriptor of a power hungry politician type) and surrendered their freedoms for masks and accepted potentially poisonous jabs of unknown contents in their false hopes of being ‘saved’.

This entire Covid19 epidemic is worse than the Jonestown massacre in Guiana and we will suffer continuously in the future for surrendering our free will to these Svengalis of our governments who keep telling us to follow their orders. Only if we rise up and tell them NO can we hope to achieve a measure of freedom again. Otherwise they government will continue to pick us off; we the resisters who do not believe in their false promises; one at a time until we are just a footnote in history described as a bunch of radicals and extremists who interfered with the heroic efforts of the government. At least that is how a communist history book would describe it……..

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