Here I Stand Alone if I Must

Truer words are yet to be spoken in my opinion….Glenda


This was written by a friend on Telegram.

This is not a political, legal, constitutional or religious statement. The only reason to mention or allude to anything any historical figure has said is to show that these things were/are supposed to be commonly held by most of the people of the world especially here in America.

My liberty is not granted by any government. My liberty does not morally, ethically or reasonably need to be argued for at all, ever. It needs merely to be claimed. To violate it one must make a case against me, me personally, where I am shown to be deliberately or negligently harming others directly. Further I do not have to show the source of my liberty or claim that source as my justification for that liberty. We have long been told that all of liberty in its manifold expressions are self-evident and unalienable. This…

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1 thought on “Here I Stand Alone if I Must”

  1. It should be obvious to anyone with a knowledge of history that the US is nearing its end as a cohesive society. Exactly why this is happening is not clear — at least to me. The ruling class seems happy to let the most radical section of the cultural apparatus dissolve the social glue — patriotism — that has kept this diverse nation together.

    An additional complication is our world-bestriding posture, backed up by thousands of nuclear weapons and the means to deliver them. The knight is dying inside his armor, but he still thinks he’s master of the field. So the Pushtoon goat-herders, in the face of whom we couldn’t even manage a dignified surrender and retreat, are then sternly lectured by our State Department about the gender-composition of their new government.

    So what should we do? First, do no harm. There will be — and may already have been — traps set for us to stumble into: we may be sure that provocateurs, on the government payroll at one level or another, or working on private account, will urge us to conspire to commit felonies. There are all too many sincere hotheads ready to take the bait — as we saw on January 6th. The Smith Act and similar laws, plus state laws prohibiting private armies, are also in the enemy’s arsenal.

    Anyone who been through a Philosophy 101 class can construct a scenario appearing to justify anything … would you kill your mother, if the alternative were the destruction of the human race? But realistically, our perspectives for the coming period must remain legal and peaceful.

    Within that framework, we had better start organizing, at the local level, to be able to deal with the consequences resulting from the breakdown of the social/legal/economic order — consequences which will closely parallel those subsequent to a big natural disaster. Organize well for dealing with the latter, add AR15s and some elementary small-unit tactics training, and you’ve done what can be done. [Individual/family ‘prepping’ is, of course, part of this.] (And big natural disasters are often accompanied by widespread mob looting, so the AR15s are justified just for natural disasters alone.)

    Some people who seem to know what they are doing here can be found at the — Arizona ex-Oathkeepers who appear to have been very successful at building the kind of community-based organizations we are going to need, as our leaders try to usher us gently into that good night.


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