The US has been under attack since 1991

Our Culture has been under attack since the end of WWII and probably longer than that. What has changed is that while previously we were being attacked in a decentralized way, the efforts now are far more focused and much larger in scale.

The media along with academia are leading the charge to completely erase our unique culture. Our culture is based on freedom of the individual from the government and government controls. There is no other nation on earth that had embraced such personal liberties as the United States of America did from our founding.

Historically the rest of the world is built on former monarchies and dictatorships of one sort or another. They may have ‘adopted’ civil rights and a popularly elected government but their foundations are all in fiefdoms of power and control.

What do you think happens when the monarchy falls or is displaced by a ‘democratic’ government? Do you think these vassals and underlings of the ruler simply are erased or disappear? The answer is no.

These movers and shakers of influence and corruption simply find new niches to crawl into to continue their activities under the new governing system. As a result, these societies who thought they had embraced democracy actually have embraced a new more refined form of controls and limitations. It just takes a few years for the new/old system to resurface. The elites of these nations are the academics and the corporate leaders along with the government approved media outlets.

What threatens the status quo in these old world nations is the upstart United States of America where there never was a monarchy that was the godhead of the land prior to the creation of that nation. There were tribal entities across the continent but they were not unified in any way and fought among themselves for territory and control of resources. As the American nation grew these disparate groups were either absorbed or swept aside as they were the primitive tribes which in most all the world have been made extinct by evolution of man and his social systems.

With the US founded as a free society all other citizens of the world who are aware of the controls and limitations put upon them by their own governments see that a nation can flourish without the despotism and tyranny of excessive rule. This, in the eyes of the elites in the old world, must be stopped. Since it has been proven that destroying your own citizenry does not work in suppressing this belief, (the end of USSR is but one example) there had to be another way to maintain control of their societies.

The solution was to infiltrate and destroy the freedoms of Americans by destroying the culture that embraces them. To this end I have seen the increasing indoctrination of students in the academic realm along with the media being totally co-opted by foreign interests with their emphasis being moved away from an America centric message to one of globalism and the old world mindset being the more ‘refined’ way of thinking. The academic avenue or the media avenue would not work on their own., Only by using both at the same time can any meaningful movement towards the old world socialism can be accomplished.

I trace this latest hard push towards socialism to the end of the USSR and the fall of the iron curtain. While the politburos and various governments all were superseded with quasi-democratic forms the political actors who were the key players in the past before this transformation still exist within the new governments. Putin was an active agent of the state before the fall of the USSR and he is now premier of Russia and is likely as powerful as any former USSR leader was in the past. These elites do not surrender their power when systems change. They merely find new ways to manipulate and operate within the new system.

So, today we see our culture and our freedoms which are an essential part of our heritage under direct assault with the sole purpose being to eliminate them from our ethos. I trace back this movement to the onset of ‘political correctness’ in the 1990s and the active implementation of a take over plan of our society by the socialist elites who seek to attain and keep high positions of authority and power within our nation.

You can see the changes starting actively during the Clinton administration with the press being one of the first targets as political correctness is enforced by the press. Subsequently the press acted as the point of the movement throughout the Bush years and when Obama came to office he became the titular head of the new socialist United States. The left thought they had won until Trump beat Hillary and shocked them to their core. With the ascent of Trump a movement back to original founding values was underway and this is when the elites who are seeking to destroy us decided to go all in with their assault on our American traditions and values. The coordinated theft of the 2020 election was the culmination of this accelerated activity on the left.

Now, we are living under a president who by all definitions is a senile old man who is being manipulated and controlled to fast track the agenda of destroying America as quickly as possible. Bear in mind that they know they cannot co-opt the majority of the citizens over 40 so instead of trying to convert us and our way of thinking to the new ‘enlightened’ socialist system they espouse they have decided to marginalize us and destroy us in any way possible. Don’t think for a minute that Covid was not aimed at eliminating the older generations who are more susceptible to its affects. All of the posturing by Fauci and the governors was to create the us versus them mindset in the people in an effort to further isolate and ostracize the patriotic freedom loving Americans who would not submit to edicts that they believed violated their rights.

Recently we have seen the claims that white Americans are the new terrorist group that needs to be eradicated. This is just another salvo by the elitists who have seized control of our media and government in their effort to erase the Bill of Rights, our heritage and our traditions. All of the minority activism is a smokescreen and Trojan horse being used to try to suppress the Patriotic American who believes in freedom; that the election was stolen in 2020 and that Trump has been the greatest president in our generation.

This war will continue. It is a war of American uniqueness and American culture versus the global cabal of socialist elites who otherwise control the rest of the world and cannot have an upstart nation such as the USA standing as a beacon of freedom and hope for the rest of the world.

Our only hope is to win back control of the government and then eradicate the globalist agenda from our nation starting with Education and on through the bureaucracies of our federal and state governments. Only when we know we are teaching the next generation of freedom loving Americans the truth about our founding and our gifts of freedom that we fought for and won; who hear of the goodness of our nation in the news and in our media; only then we can relax and know we will carry on at least for a few decades more until the globalists try again. They will NEVER STOP TRYING…

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