This is written as a response to an inane remark by Joe Biden and should be considered a work of fiction.

Civil War 2 phase one:    

Biden says we will need F15s and nuclear bombs to deal with the government if we decide to revolt.  Funny thing is that it is not the government directly that we are opposed to.  Let me spell out how things might play out if a ruckus gets started.

First of all as a citizen described as being a “deplorable right wing terrorist threat to my nation” I will say the enemy I despise the most are the people who directly oppose me and those who are making my life difficult by over regulation and meddling.  I am talking about state government, elected officials and the masses of Antifa and BLM who hate our nation as founded who are destroying our communities.  Oh, don’t forget the press too.  They are as complicit in this cabal as the rest of them.

The first phase of any revolt will be to destabilize the machinery of the left at the local and state levels to start the collapse of their house of cards of lies and deceit.   If you knock the blocks out of the foundation the house will tumble down.

Next, if I am going to make a statement in an effort to stop the destruction of my nation it will be first to strike at those who are actively trying to tear it down.  The people I mentioned are high on my list.  This list includes everyone in Congress who voted for or actively worked to destroy Trump and his policies including democrats and Rinos.  If I am to be successful I need to disrupt their activities and their lives to such an extent that my cause cannot be ignored any longer.  I want to see to it that those who have actively sought to destroy my lifestyle and my nation end up cowering behind fences and razor wire afraid to venture into the cataclysm that they had such a big hand in creating.  Let them become the people who are oppressed if only by their own fears.

Certainly the government will get involved in trying to protect these socialists and they will use both police and military but the problem is I and people like me can melt back into the community and become invisible to them.  Even if they have an idea where we might be, we will not be alone and we will not be the only actors that they seek as I am one of millions who are totally fed up with what is going on in DC. The depth of those who see the tyranny and corruption are in the millions and we are losing patience and the willingness to tolerate the endless meddling and denigration of our people by the powers that be in DC, states local governments and in the press.

So, you can dispatch an F15 and send a nuclear bomb to my area but the innocent collateral damage will be far more than the value of wiping out a few of the millions who want to see a return to our founding.  If anything, overreach by the feds will ensure bad press and more momentum for our movement to end the socialist takeover of our nation.

The media are whores.  I say this in referring to their desire to be best friends with the side that they expect to win.  Once it is obvious that the establishment deep state types cannot win against a guerilla type onslaught against the machinery of government they will quickly change sides if only to try to insure that they do not have any repercussions for their previous activities…..Oh, if it were only that simple.  I have good memory and can recall hundreds of times good patriotic Americans were defamed and ridiculed by the press and by the specific reporters who went way beyond the call of honest reporting to do these biased acts.  This will not go unnoticed as the time goes ahead and the walls of the deep state come tumbling down there will be a comeuppance.

Biden can hide in the White house or Camp David or anywhere for that matter.  He is not the target.  Neither is his Vice President.  They are the unfortunate dupes who were chosen to act as figure heads for the socialist cabal as they attempted to finalize their takeover of America.  If anything, they are victims of their own stupidity and intellectual avarice for power that they did not rightfully win. 

We are a huge portion of the population and we do not need to mass and march upon any building, city or institution.   We can make our presence known in thousands of places and in hundreds of ways that will make life in the ivory towers that our socialist overlords live in unbearable rather quickly.  We are the cogs in the machinery that feed and power our nation.  We are the links in the chain of supply and production that allow liberals to live their lives of leisure inside their socialist enclaves such as San Fran and Portland and Chicago and Boston and New York City and a hundred other socialist run cities that are almost out of control already.  All we need to do is give them a push towards anarchy and the residents of their own communities will do the rest. We are intimately aware of the little things that can be done that would disrupt the entire system and set people in the cities upon each other rather quickly. All we need to do is watch once this has started.  Keep in mind, we will protect our own and if necessary move to places where it is safe. Add to this that once we have separated ourselves from the chaos and acrimony we will be able to see the socialists and their minions coming from miles and miles away.

One last thing.   I am not the creator of this plan to take back the government.  No, all I am doing is copying the plans used by the idols of the socialists when they took over the free societies they did.  What our socialist overlords conveniently forget is the bloodshed that accompanied those takeovers and the innocents who were slaughtered in the millions by the likes of Mao, Stalin, Lenin, Hitler, Castro, Che and countless others who saw power and did whatever they had to in order to get it; all in the name of socialism and fairness.  The primary difference being we are aspiring to return to a free and just society as our nation was founded and not some illusory fairness for all socialist system that ended up being anything but. History has proven beyond a doubt that socialism is a fraud and only serves the leadership and their chosen few,

To President Biden, Joe, send in your F15s and nukes and it will merely seal your doom along with the rest of your cabal of socialist overlords.

Remember, this is all a fiction and is as valid a set of statements as Biden telling me he will send F15s and Nuclear bombs if I or anyone else decide to revolt…..

Fiction…….Make Believe…….what if……….I will add though, this is how it has been done before…….

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