The US Government relies on the cooperation of the masses.

The federal government is one bad executive order or legislation act away from open revolt.

They know it.

They know that a huge and very well armed portion of the population is not happy at all with the status quo and the deep state rule. 75 million voters that translates into about 150 million people counting non voting family of those voters.

The only power they state holds over us is that we Willingly cooperate.

In order for their power to exist, we are to cooperate and only if we do can they govern. This is a vital piece of information that we must not forget. They can only rule over us if we allow them to. Only if we cooperate can their policies move forward. If we en masse’ refuse to participate in some new program or policy they are powerless to stop us.

Yes, they can force small groups to abide with unpopular orders but if a group of citizens the size of which went to DC on the 6th of January had any desire to physically remove the government they could and there is nothing that could be done to stop them short of the powers that be ordering thousands of troops to fire upon them. I would add that in saying government I am talking about the corrupt politicians, A group of 200,000 Americans who are armed and unwilling to cooperate is an army…not a bunch of insurrectionists.

The divide in the nation at present makes the divide during the Vietnam war look like a child’s game. The differences in the situation are vast. Back in the 60’s if someone did not want to go to war they could refuse. They could go to Canada. They could do many things to avoid compliance.

Our government has gone from one that serves at the consent of the people to one that is a huge bureaucracy of bloated departments of civil servants who are more concerned about control and avoiding dealing with the average citizen who they despise. It is self serving and therefore unconcerned about our cooperation at least up until recently.

In our present time, the government is not waging an illegal or unreasonable war upon an enemy state. They are waging a war upon the people that disagree with them with the stated intent of forcing them to either conform or be eliminated. Don’t believe me just look at the statements about re-education camps and feeding MAGA children into wood chippers. Do a search these will come up all too often spoken by government supporters and other left wing radicals.

No, the result of Donald Trump being elected in 2016 and the subsequent actions that they made to try to depose him is that the dividing line in our society has been made glaringly clear. You are either a supporter of government socialism and globalism (deep state) or you are an ‘insurrectionist’.

In the past it was a political argument over policies. Not anymore. Now it is about accepting and following government orders and policies without question. Anyone who does not comply is to be punished. Anyone who criticizes the government is to be punished. Worse yet, anyone who exposes the government corruption is to be destroyed. Censorship, loss of employment and social privileges. Banishment if possible with public humiliation as one of the major tools of enforcement.

As a proud insurrectionist I say I will not comply. I will not go quietly into that dark night. I am more than capable or refusing and with force if need be. I also know I am not alone in my beliefs and I am speaking both nationally and also locally. I have allies in my immediate area that would rally to my aid if the government decided to make an example of me, and the same is true for anyone i know and trust. Don’t even try it.

So, To make my answer crystal clear…. I will not follow the diktats of a corrupt and unjust government set to deny me my rights and freedoms.

Bring it on if you dare

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