When the Pendulum swings against you (You on the left)

We are at present seeing the results of a purge of conservative voices in the social media and real media world.  This is spreading down into the economy as well. The left are absolutely over the moon with glee as we conservatives are being dropped and banned en masse’.   What they fail to understand or even consider is that eventually this juggernaut of corporate and global interests will come for them as well if this radical movement is left unchecked.

What the left fails to see is the tyranny that is the silencing of opponents and worse yet, conformance of thought that they would like to see being forced on a very large portion of the population.  They think that the move to completely implementing their agenda is a victory. Someday in the future when they end up disagreeing with the very globalists and socialist leaders that they have been supported by they too will be ostracized and silenced just as we are now. 

The lack of dissent in a political process as well as throughout a society is the goal of tyrants.  Historically, we have seen this play out in our modern history over and over.  Starting in the early 1900’s all the way to today we see minorities who were singled out and eliminated solely for being of a different mindset than the leadership   USSR.  Nazi Germany.  Italy.  China.  Cuba.  Venezuela.  I would add that there are many many more cases of a smaller scale including the middle east where dissent is generally not allowed at all.  Just ask the Christians who have been murdered.

This pendulum is not one of political thought but of a swing from freedom and democratic speech to completely government controlled societies where are dissenting words could make someone disappear permanently.  It is the growth of evil and greed controlled by a select few who are the most ruthless and cruel leaders any country could imagine. They refer to their movements as being just and right but in reality they are only acting to secure total and complete control over a nation or nations.

So, to any progressives and Bernie bros and other types like Antifa and BLM I suggest you take a minute and read your history of just the last 120 years.  You will see when the freedom of speech is cancelled in any society that pain and suffering always follows.  100 million people have died in the last 120 years which proves my point. 

It is far better to be willing to tolerate disparate opinions in any society than to see what has been started in the US with the installation of the present government and political powers. Time will tell but the words of some of the leaders on the left smack of Mao and Hitler in terms of their obvious intolerance of dissenting opinions and thoughts. It can only get worse if this goes on unchecked.

As a Patriot, I have resolved as I am sure many others have as well that I will not go into the night quietly. I will not surrender my rights or freedoms without resisting in whatever way I can. I owe my ancestors as much as I have to give as they did offer exactly the same on my behalf. It is the very least I can do.

1 thought on “When the Pendulum swings against you (You on the left)”

  1. One of the ladies at our church survived The Killing Fields. She said it wasn’t uncommon to find a hand or foot sticking out of the rice paddy as they worked. With the arrest of Straka it appears we’re well on our way to the totalitarian policies of the Nazis/Soviets/Red China. I don’t think we’ll get to Khmer Rouge levels of depravity. But if we do, there can be no reconciliation. It would be a time where anyone even tangentially associated with the other side would be targeted by the other.


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