There is light at the far end of the tunnel….(hard as it may seem to believe)

No doubt, today marks a turning point in our nation.  Not so much the end of an era.  It is the beginning of the ‘Enlightenment’.

Those of us who understand why Trump’s vision for America is better than Biden’s or any other democrat and/or socialist already know that there is a light ahead no matter how dim it appears today.  We do not need the enlightenment.

The drones.  The minority communities.  Everyone other than a lifelong democrat (and even then some of them as well)  need to see what an oppressed economy due to over regulation looks like.  Many had grown up during O’Barky’s administration and just assumed that a sluggish economy with high taxes is the norm.  They just figured that the Trump Bump in the economy was not due to Trump and that it was just time for a upswing or some kind of fluke.  Now, they will see what a real socialist economy looks like with stagnant job growth and modest to negative earnings on investments.  They will learn that economic opportunity and success are derived from less government and more freedom. They will learn what it is like when the citizens rights are secondary to the will of the government.

You cannot lead someone from darkness until they understand the difference between light and dark.  This is why we must endure this next 4 year period.  It is for the benefit of those who as yet, do not understand.   I do believe that in 2024 we will have a candidate who represents our beliefs and values and with a much larger and wiser group of citizens supporting him or her, we will march out of the darkness forever. 

I will add that it is possible that due to circumstances beyond our (we deplorables) control, the nation could be plunged into an internal conflict.  This would only happen if the democrats overreach and try to take away our rights and freedoms.  Then, the course our nation takes into sacrifice and worse yet, bloodshed, is entirely up to them and the blame for such a horrible event is on them.

What is not negotiable is our resolve to not surrender our freedoms to anyone without a fight.  After all, it is how our nation was founded.  Not in peace and harmony but in the crucible of revolutionary war in order to rid ourselves of an unjust and illegitimate government.  I hope and pray that we do not need to repeat that type of ordeal again.

2 thoughts on “There is light at the far end of the tunnel….(hard as it may seem to believe)”

  1. It doesn’t matter how many people vote correctly in 2024. The deep state has no need of actually winning a fair election ever again. Voting harder is not going to fix this problem.


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