Our Republic died yesterday !!

We have entered the Dark Times.  Our Republic has died.  What has emerged is nothing that resembles our founding and our Constitution and Bill of Rights.

They are coming for us.  We, the believers in inherent human rights.  Believers in the rights of the individual over the rights of the collective.  If they cannot subdue us with their laws and regulations they will resort to the sword.

Our last line of defense (within the framework of a civil society), the Supreme Court, has decided that the citizens of the nation cannot have a hearing regarding the corruption and malfeasance of those who conducted the recent election.  They would not allow a discussion on the obvious cheating having taken place which has put the veracity of the election completely in question.  Apparently, politics has infiltrated the highest court in the land rendering it to be the equivalent of a kangaroo court more likely to be found in some banana republic than in our once great nation.

The left has started the process of reversing the Trump economy and taking us to the worst of the Obama years in one fell swoop.  It is obvious that our economy will go into a massive recession within weeks of Lyin’ Biden’s inauguration.   This will make the collapse in 2008 look like a minor bump in the road.  The left wants this.  They want people looking to the government for rescue.  Then they will hold all the cards.

Ultimately this is not about policy; it is about control.  In order to create their utopian socialist state they must gain control over the population.  They will do so with coercion and propaganda.  This has been started in our schools and has gone on for over 20 years now so it is well underway.  They also realize that there is a large contingent of citizens who will not comply.  They have planned for this.

They are coming for our guns…believe it!!! 

If we are armed, we are dangerous.  If we are armed we can deny them control over our lives.  If we are armed we can potentially overturn their regime.  We are more dangerous to them than any other nation on earth.  Disarming us ‘For the good of society’ is their only way of getting universal control over our society. 

Once we are disarmed, we will be dealt with based on our level of cooperation, much like the Chinese and how they deal with dissidents.  Those who persist in critiquing the government and society will be ‘relocated’ to a ‘safe’ area in order to protect them from the rest of the citizens.  Yeah; right.  Need proof, look at the Uighurs in China who have been treated poorly, isolated, ostracized and starved and worked to death in ‘re-education camps’.

What is the best way to create a rebellion that restores the Constitution and Bill of Rights?  I do believe that a regional approach will have the quickest and most successful path.  Pockets of resistance will be isolated and eliminated with great prejudice.  Only by unifying in large areas and by creating an organized force can our values and beliefs be kept safe from the globalists.  Secession is definitely on the table.

I pose the final and ultimate question to all true patriots.

If you live in an area that is blue controlled and there was a rising and developing red state movement to free the nation of socialist tyranny, would you relocate to that area to support and fight for freedom? 

As I said, it will be tantamount to suicide to stay in areas such as upstate NY if the proverbial SHTF.  The socialists will either come and kill every resistor or isolate and starve them out by denying food, power, and any medical or technology from getting to that area of resistance.  They will encroach gradually on the area until a pitched battle erupts and then the military will be called in to destroy the rest.  Don’t believe for a minute that our military will not strike against US citizens.  The left has purged as many conservative officers as they can and to the enlisted holding the axe of food and housing over a soldier’s family is a big threat.  Keep in mind, Officers make up most of the pilot contingent.

So, barring a miracle, we will see the nation accelerate towards the eventual socialist crap hole we fear with the attendant discrimination and expectations of conformity.  Even if by miracle Trump serves a second term, this process is still ongoing.  The goals of the left are plain and will not be altered by the presence of the bad orange hair man.

Whether this battle starts soon like shortly after a Biden inaugural or later it is still upon us. We will decide when it starts.

5 thoughts on “Our Republic died yesterday !!”

  1. OK, not to be rude, but what else is new? I think we all were looking at this since President Trump first rode down the escalator (I didn’t see, heard about it on radio) and said “oh, hang on!” On or about the time of the Tea Party Revolt of 2010, I said, “yes, go!” with the outlook that there WOULD be a counterattack.
    First the life was sucked out of it by the Serpent’s minions – there was a great piece by one of them writing of how the PAC / Lobbyists ramped up their campaigns getting donations from all the gullible and SLOW walking it (lots of yelling, viewing with alarm, &c., but not doing a damn thing) (sound familiar) to where it petered out, culminating with 2012 & “Mitt the Twit”
    The Law of Unintended Consequences gave us President Trump. (After all, we were pissed!)
    The Snake & Co then returned fire with the Giggling Psychotic (AKA Barking Moonbat) and her buddy in the Senate, The Mortician (it’s hard to tell which one he or she is, there are SO MANY applicants) – gifting us with unending crap. But to generate the crap, the Assassin & Co. had to put so much into it.
    We are never going to be done with this until we are dead. Human experience since Ooogh killed Moogh (or Cain killed Abel) says so. If I have to pound in the lesson, look to Jane Goodall with her studies of baboons – Biblical in action – war, rape, murder, theft…..
    Which country will you flee to for escape? The only thing that has kept the world from being a massive gulag has been America – every other country is either occupied by the Beast or like a fat mouse in a room full of hungry cats – very still, near catatonic.
    Ergo, you are not going to climb the mountain by laying at the foot, whining about the climb.
    Political action is like firefighting – firebreaks have to be made, effort expended to break it down into manageable pieces. Agitate. If you abandon the field, you lose. Hit the line – the PTA & School Board to take back our children. Organize boycotts to deny The Enemy money, to starve Them out.
    We are the Republic under God!
    PS – If you think secession is a wonderful option, think what would have happened the the Civil War! If the South had succeeded in it’s secession, the Midwest would have broken away (remember the War Hawks?) the New England states would have busted loose (think of the Embargo, 1803) – so then a number of Nation States would have been competing & FIGHTING. Not to mention the French, English & Russians carving off choice slices. Oh yes, what a lovely state of affairs that would have been.

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  2. The times are entirely different between the 1860’s and today. In the era of the Civil War, our nation was as yet incomplete. The issue that divided us was one of human bondage under the south. Morally, I can see no justification or legitimacy to such practice. That war was necessary to clarify and reinforce the meaning of freedom in our nation.

    In our time we are seeing the reverse. The left wishes to return masses to bondage under the tutelage of the federal government. The left thinks that the government can provide for them but they fail to see the price which is the loss of personal freedom.

    To secede and determine to live not in bondage of any kind is to persevere the freedoms we are blessed with. Our people are not bonded to another but to the government and its bloated bureaucratic corruption. People like AOC fail to value the freedom and instead resent the cost. They want the cost borne by the government to ‘free’ them from worry or want. That is not freedom. It is perpetual servitude. They do not see it because they were never taught or shown the value of freedom. The schools are terrible but so are the families that created these socialist drones. Obviously, the parents bear a large portion of the blame for not valuing the freedom they had and passing that belief onto their kids.

    It is better to aspire to be free at any cost than to be a slave to the state. In my mind, there is no difference between the institution of slavery int he 1860’s and the push for government control over people’s lives now. To deny the ownership of one’s opportunities and income is to deny them freedom and nothing less.

    I am too old to march in the street but I am not too old to fight for a cause. I will not take a pill instead of getting vital treatment as Obama said we should……I will resist to my last breath if need be the juggernaut of socialism.

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  3. I reiterate that it is time to look hard at Rene Levesque’s Parti Quebecois movement in Canada during the late 1970s. Had Levesque better tempered the francophone firebrands and paid closer attention to concerns of anglos about transfer payments and currency security post-secsssion, Quebec today would be a separate nation. Levesque also failed to motivate and involve French-speaking Canadians in other provinces in his Quebec-centric effort. The first vote failed by just a few percentage points, and the turnout was huge. I was there; I remember it well.

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    1. Largest difference between our neighbors to the north and our nation is that they are a confederation which is a different type of agreement between the provinces than the Constitution establishes here in the US. We will not be allowed to ‘VOTE’ our way out of the union. As this is the fact our options become much more limited.

      Keep in mind, the drones on the coasts cannot survive without us. They are consumers and not producers. All of the food, power, hard materials and imported products pass through our territory if not being made within the land that you would call red state nation. They, the left, jokingly call our territory ‘Fly Over’ Country because they would rather be dead than caught in some small burg in the middle of Kansas.

      No, the left will not allow us to leave peacefully or otherwise without putting up a fight. They cannot survive without us.

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