We’re being played against ourselves!!!

Hey fellow dirt people!

We all can see the obvious cheating by the democrats and that our president is fighting them in court as he can.  Anyone political or in government who rallies to Trump’s defense will be a non-person afterwards as they will never ever seen any opportunities in government again.  This is how deep the left is within our bureaucracy.  I am sure everyone is aware of all this.

My point is this:  Consider if the circumstances were reversed? 

Remember 2016?

 Pussy hat riots?

 Vandalism on the night of the inaugural? 

Cars burning in the streets of DC?

This was the leftists protesting what was a legitimate election.  Imagine if there was obvious cheating on our part in the vote count that denied their favorite candidate the office of the presidency?

There would be blood.  There would be unrest like you have never seen before.  All sponsored, organized and executed by the democrats who see their destiny is something that elections are not allowed to interfere with.

So in relating to my title, one this is obviously apparent.

While the left knows we are very angry.  They also know that we will not destroy property or act violently because unlike their followers, we cherish the law of the land and the Constitution and we will not act in a way that compromises our beliefs.

They effectively have boxed us in a corner with our own beliefs.

These beliefs are the same ones that allow our ‘people’;  ‘The Deplorables’ or as I like to think of us: ‘Dirt People’ this allow us to safely and legally own Millions of firearms and billions of rounds of ammo and yet, we don’t shoot the town up every night like they do in Chicago or any other urban disaster managed by a democrat. 

We are self policing and self managing unlike the disrespectful drones of the left.  We care about not just each other but all citizens of our nation.  It is this act of self management that gives the left the nerve to flaunt their voter fraud in our faces without any fear that anything violent would happen to them being perpetrated by us.

We believe in the civil society and the value of living by a code.  Our code is a combination of Christian ethics and morals along with the traditions of our nation and its founding.  Understand that our opponent believes in none of this.  They are using our own character against us.

This is why they can float gun control arguments and no matter how much they lie and exaggerate and falsely portray guns and our use of them we will not retaliate other than writing letters to our congress members which to be honest, hit the trash as soon as they see who we are and what our opinions are.

This entire situation is very much ironic in that all the while we are demonstrating levels of decency within our nation with a profound lack of civil violence on our parts we at the same time are projecting what is one of the most feared militaries in the world.  We are known for being lethal on the battle field.  Yet, our political enemies do not fear us at all, except and only if we finally lose it and go rouge. 

Be assured that Civil War 2 will not go well for the democrats as long as we are still armed and able to use them to contest such a war. Remember too that a large percentage of battle hardened veterans are among our cadre who swore an oath offering their lives in order to protect our freedom.  My sons both served and still take their oaths seriously even after leaving active duty. I am quite certain that all veterans do.

So, if you are wondering how the democrats think that they can get away with their shenanigans it is because they know without any doubt that we will not act in any way that actually would cause them any reason to stop.  In essence, the democrats are bullies.  Bullies who know the kid they just stole their lunch from cannot or will not do anything.  Face it gang, we are the dirt people.  We get pushed around for being who we are and we do nothing when it really matters.   Sure, we can do boat parades and gather for rallies but when the time comes and the votes are being counted and mis-counted we are all standing back grumbling and that is all we will do.

I am not saying we need to start a violent campaign or anything like that.  I am simply trying to illustrate that our nation is not that fair playing ground when it comes to the government.  We have allowed people who we thought we could trust (democrats) a chance to infiltrate the bureaucracy and in the process take our supposedly impartial government away from us leaving us a huge juggernaut of massive proportions that has far more control  over our lives than any of our founders ever could have envisioned. 

If you wonder what will be the cause of a potential second civil war it will be the abuse of this massive power that the left will go finally too far.  Only then will we be stirred up to take up arms to defend the nation we were born in all to try to bring it back to where it should rightfully be in our society.  Not a tool for politicians to abuse in order to gain wealth and power.

Thomas Jefferson wrote to the son in law of John Adams and in this letter of 1787 he was discussing the new Constitution.  This quote was made in reference to the difficulties in keep liberty.  I have included the preceding sentences to try to illustrate not just the simple essence but also the context of what it was made:

“……What country before ever existed a century and half without a rebellion? And what country can preserve it’s  liberties if their rulers are not warned from time to time that their people preserve the spirit of resistance? Let them take arms. The remedy is to set them right as to facts, pardon and pacify them. What signify a few lives lost in a century or two? The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants. It is it’s natural manure…….”

Here is a link to the entire letter. https://www.monticello.org/site/research-and-collections/tree-liberty-quotation#:~:text=In%20a%201787%20letter%20to%20William%20Stephens%20Smith%2C,leave%20through%20you%20to%20place%20them%20where%20due.

 Jefferson was more than aware that governments by their very nature beget tyranny.  His awareness as well as the rest of our founders was such that the Second Amendment was included in our Bill of Rights not with the government’s consent for us to bear arms but that it will be a fact that we will be armed and should be considered capable of a rebellion if the government gets out of hand.  Our being armed was intended to stop an unruly and unjust government from trampling our rights.

Fellow Dirt People, I present to you the evidence that we are rapidly approaching a point where either we will consent to give away our liberty by not acting to resist this obvious effort of both the democratic party and the government to disenfranchise us, or we will be forced by their actions to take the initiative to force this corrupt practice and poisonous cabal to cease and be gone from our society.

3 thoughts on “We’re being played against ourselves!!!”

  1. Glenda: Beware the latest leftard tactic, now being employed by the touchy-feely crowd who run WordPress: Deplatforming of conservative blogs. The pre-eminent such blog, Last Refuge a/k/a Conservative Treehouse, just found themselves without an internet home. Their crime? “Content” that “violated” WP’s so-called standards. Interesting to note that Last Refuge is (was) WP’s single biggest blog, in terms of subscribers and readership. If you allow WP to host your blog, not merely provide the software that handles subscriptions and comments, you too are at risk of being “punished”. We at Hardnox and Friends are dodging the bullet so far, as we use another independent hosting service for the WP software. Consider this a leetle heads-up, my friend!


  2. I appreciate the warning and advice. I see the overwhelming power of the globalists who are pushing this socialism down our necks, While they speak in terms of fairness and opportunity for all, the real commodity they are pushing is control so they are perpetually remain in charge and therefore not subject to the same societal restrictions we are. They live insulated lives as compared to us common folks.

    I would add that the globalists in congress and the major political actors such as former presidents and other high government officials are all in this elite club and they are the ‘royalty’ who will never know of waiting for medical services or not being safe due to a lack of personal protection. They will never experience the loss of property due to government taxation or the frustration of being denied official permissions when they are desired or needed. They will never know of the difficulty of massive co-pays for vital health services that patients cannot afford.

    The battle we see being fought today by Trump is the battle of the independent man against the global machinery of socialism. We are being protected by his actions if only for the time in which he has power. I am afraid that once Trump is out of power either Jan 20, 2021 or Jan 20, 2025, we will be faced with this massive juggernaut of corruption and self serving bureaucracy and we will have a very difficult time defeating it.

    The social networks that have already been subsumed into the globalist cabal will soon see that their creations will be absorbed by the massive machinery of state. Only those who have dirt on others are truly immune from obsolescence. This is no different than it was in USSR during the ‘communist’ era and is no different now there and in China. The power is in what you hold over another person’s head.

    Conservative Tree House is a casualty of this battle and I am sure eventually I will be targeted but at this point I am a tiny fish in the ocean compared to the massive following that they have. I have managed websites before and I would wonder if going independent and running their own network on their own website would not be the best option.

    Ultimately, Civil War Two will erupt and even if the ‘people’ or the common folk win, this globalist cabal will merely reshape itself like a chameleon changes color to blend in and in a short time they will be back manipulating everything to their own advantage.

    Again, thank you for the warning.

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  3. Brilliant observation, that the self-styled progressives “live insulated lives as compared to us common folk”. How true that is … for now. If they keep stirring the pudding, they may find their bubbles bursting.


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