Even if we win this election the war will go on……

The power grabbing elite will not rest until the controls of socialism are in place in our nation. They use their puppets in the media and education system to brainwash the young into thinking that our founding and our past is flawed and needs to be replaced. They support politicians who advocate the disarmament of the people thereby making the seizure of power easier and less likely to fail. This is the enemy.

We may win this election and the next but the socialism poisoned arrow has been let loose and unless we seriously make an effort to eradicate this treasonous influence from our nation and our government specifically, we will not ever be secure or safe from tyranny. This ‘war’ on our nation started over 100 years ago, perhaps longer, when the elite decided we were not European enough with the introduction of foreign born professors in our universities in the late 1800’s. This began the socialist enlightening that has corrupted the American ideals.

The sad reality is that unless their is an uprising that brings the forces of socialism in direct confrontation with the forces of freedom loving Americans there will be no end to this. Only with the cataclysmic event such as CWII would we see the re-establishment of our founding in earnest. Short of this we would see actions that would be merely panaceas towards the needed actions and the socialist element will survive and continue to grow.

The lure of socialism is a lie. One thing I have learned is that there are no good men or women when it comes to wielding power. No matter how carefully you vet them, they will have a tendency towards some aspect of governing that will result in the birth and nurture of corruption somewhere within society and the government. This human failing our founders understood and they sought to protect our nation from tyranny by the creation of a Constitution and Bill of Rights. Knowing man could not be trusted, this was their attempt to avoid the corruption of power.

Socialism is snake oil masked as a form of government. The side show salesmen knew their product was flawed but the lure of money and power was their reason for selling it as the miracle cure for whatever ails you. They lure the uninformed and the unsuspecting into buying their product and voting them in all based on the promise that things will be better. Once they are in power massive changes take place to totally disrupt the society to such an extent that life is never the same.

Socialist proponents sell their system as being fair and just and yet, history says otherwise. Those governments that are stable such as the Scandinavian nations are not socialist societies but actually forms of democratic socialist governments with predatory taxes levied to pay for all of the programs that are provided. The people can vote and select different political parties and candidates and alter the arrangements as they wish too. They voted the programs in piecemeal and can remove them in the same manner. The people still have a high degree of control there.

The socialist societies where the wealth has been taxed and confiscatory wage taxes levied along with government take overs of various industries are much less freedom oriented and the examples of this such as USSR, Communist China, Hitler’s Germany, Mussolini’s Italy, Venezuela, Cuba, and a host of other nations are all examples where the government attained more power than the people and kept it that way either until the nation failed or in the case of a few are still in existence in this form.

What is truly sad is that those people who are desirous of socialism are missing the point of our American nation and our founding. Our founders wanted to promote opportunity for all citizens and all that is required is that you try. Each person has limitations however and one cannot aspire to be a industrial tycoon if they do not have the skill set. What has happened in our time is that people have been encouraged to desire rewards and benefits without the accomplishment on their parts. They seek a parental like government to see to their needs.

This turn away from personal accomplishment to a society of wants without concern for personal achievement is in part the result of social planning by our socialist politicians who have been nurturing this dependent class within our society since the 60’s. From providing a minimum quality of living standard we have seen this grow to the welfare class of citizens we see today who in some cases have been living off the government and their fellow working neighbors for generations. Making this worse is the ever expanding government dedicated not to preserving the founders vision of society and our nation but instead to increasing their power and control over the people and the lands they own.

The last 4 years have shown how a government that does not play the heavy on the business sector can promote opportunity and prosperity for all. This terrifies the socialist wannabes because this improves the lives of all of the people without the socialists being in control. Thus we see the massive attacks being made upon Trump, and the nation as a whole as the socialists have been threatened in a way that has not happened since the Eisenhower administration.

Ike warned us of this ‘military industrial complex’ which is the conglomeration of business leaders and government who hold massive sway over the policies and management of society. Many mistake this as solely being about the military but it is in fact about the co-opting of our government by the likes of Bill Gates, George Soros and the Social Media barons. These massively wealthy people have gotten control over our media and our government agencies via bureaucracy and policies and we are seeing them deployed against Trump and we deplorables on a daily basis.

There is a conflict coming and it will start at the voting booth, move to the streets and depending on how violent it gets may turn into a civil war. The problem I have is that we freedom loving citizens may end up fighting both the socialist wannabes in Antifa and BLM along with fighting the government if the democrats win in November. If we win, we may end up fighting the Antifa and BLM anyways. Keep in mind, even if we prevail this year, these power mad socialists are not going away and this is merely one round in the ongoing battle we are in.

‘It is good to be king’ so it has been said. The power of control is the most corrupting aspect of the human condition and has not been eradicated by the development of mankind. If anything those who crave control have been made more powerful with the dawning of the post industrial revolution age. Our information technology has given these wannabe tyrants direct access to the masses and it is doubtful the likes of Gates, Soros and Zuckerberg will change their tune from pro-socialism to pro-individual freedom ever. They are the points on the spear of tyranny and if we want to eventually live with less of a threat from socialism and its tyranny we will need to deal with the overwhelming power that individuals can possess in our nation.

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